Yesterday, I was unpacking after a recent move and found a beautiful Megan Preece Photography image that was taken at our wedding. It was a group shot of everyone who attended, just after the ceremony, in the vineyard where we were married.  The print got me thinking and reminiscing about our big day. While I remember advice […]

One of the most common questions I get at initial meetings with potential clients is “Do you think we should have an engagement shoot?”, or some variation of the same thing! My answer is always and will always be resounding YES! From my point of view, an engagement shoot is the best way to prepare […]

Planning your wedding can be a lot! I know, I have been there! This is why I want to share with you what it was like for me as a bride when it came to finding our wedding photographer! In all honesty I don’t find this planning business daunting. I have been to 10-15 weddings […]

Prior to Fall I wanted to ask clients and potential clients what their most pressing questions are about family photo sessions. I got a lot of different questions and a lot of the same question like… WHAT DO WE WEAR! Fear not future models, I’ve got you covered below with not only answers to your […]

“Don’t ever question the importance of your work. It has SUCH bearing!” That sentence is probably the most important message I have ever received from a client and it was sent after working with her friend’s family. It made such an impact on me because until then I really focused on things that may not […]

Last April I sat down with a very good friend of mine who happens to be an executive coach and we hammered out the details of my future. Ok so by hammered out I basically scribbled on a piece of paper while she kicked my ass with facts and figures and ultimately proved to me […]

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