“My kids are insane!” and “We are just so awkward!” showed up as reasons for not having family photo sessions a few times! Kids can be totally nuts and you’d be surprised to know how often I hear “But they’ve been so good… I have no idea what’s going on!” during a shoot where a […]

“Ok ready? 1,2,3, Smile!” Those words are literally my worst nightmare. I had found my true love, soul mate and best friend online. When Brad asked me to marry him I thought I was going to explode from excitement. I immediately starting buying all the wedding magazines and had a Pinterest board for every aspect […]

I received multiple responses about husbands not being interested in photoshoots but I also got a lot of “I hate having my picture taken.” responses from women. So I’m going to combine the two! It is safe to say that the way to convince yourself or your partner to have professional family pictures done may […]

What keeps you from having family pictures taken? I asked this question on Instagram a couple weeks ago and got back a lot of responses. Many of which were the same! The 5 answers that came up the most were; Sessions are too expensive. My husband hates photoshoots. My kids are insane. I hate having […]

Yesterday, I was unpacking after a recent move and found a beautiful Megan Preece Photography image that was taken at our wedding. It was a group shot of everyone who attended, just after the ceremony, in the vineyard where we were married.  The print got me thinking and reminiscing about our big day. While I remember advice […]

One of the most common questions I get at initial meetings with potential clients is “Do you think we should have an engagement shoot?”, or some variation of the same thing! My answer is always and will always be resounding YES! From my point of view, an engagement shoot is the best way to prepare […]

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